Bad Pool Tiling, Pool Renovation Sutherland Shire

Improvement Pools

Heres pool renovation in the Sutherland Shire we worked on with other trades. Improvement Pools was contracted to install the waterline tiles, and in this case we were waiting for the drop edge porcelain pool coping ( which was being installed by another tiler who the customer had employed as he was tiling his whole yard.)

So we came in and rendered the waterline tile, and decided to put the tiles on before the coping tiles so we could prepare the inside of the pool for Beadcreting as we had a Christmas deadline. We arrived and the coping was screeded by the other tiler, we rendered and i checked the level. In this case it was out of level by 25mm, which as you can see is one full mosaic tile. So at the other end of the pool the mosiac was at the top of the render flush. The tiler on site actually asked me if i could follow his level to “cheat”, which i kindly denied. Which meant we put our tiles and and he had to fix up his level which meant more work for him.

If we had followed his level, it would mean when we fill the pool and the water was unbroken, the water would sit crooked on my grout joint which in my option is completely unacceptable.

This is just a common thing to ask your pool tiler when doing a pool renovation or new pool ” please make sure its level please, i don’t want the water to look crooked!”. Most of these problems are picked up once its too late, which then is a result of an unhappy customer after spending thousands of dollars.

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