Pool Renovation Sutherland shire, Engadine

Heres a brief idea of a pool renovation completed in Engadine, the Sutherland Shire Sydney. To break the job down, we water blasted the paint. Stripped the old tiles and hydrostatic valve. We installed a beautiful Limestone coping, 500mm wide. We cut each tile (400mmx600mm) to suite each side. Every side was a different width … Read more Pool Renovation Sutherland shire, Engadine

Pool Renovation Engadine

Pool renovation completion, blue water with a beautiful plant in the foreground.

How your pool can look 2 days after pebblecreting your pool in summer. With the right team, equipment and communication, you could be swimming 2 days after the final stage of your pool reno, pebblecreting. This pool is 10meters long, and 6.7meters wide! Its big!!! Amazing result. Pool Renovation