New pool lights in a pool renovation.

Pool Renovation with new pool lights

New pool lights in a pool renovation in the Illawarra, Flinders. These pool lights are Aqua Quip Evo Max lights. They had existing Aqua quip lights that didn’t work, so they were replaced. As you can see in the video the LED lights have different modes to choose from. The disco is a mode in … Read more

Drummy spot, Pool Renovation Miranda.

In this video we explain the dreaded “Drummy spot”. A drummy spot in a pool, basically means de-lamination, its not stuck properly. Alot of the times as we renovate pools, we see a lot of bad workmanship from the company who either built the pool or in this case renovated it (not all of the … Read more

Pool Renovation Kirrawee

Services included: New Ezarri waterline tiles Rust cut/ repairSurface preparationSky pebble with glass interior. Heres a pool renovation from Kirrawee, the Sutherland shire.

Complete Pool Renovation, Bangor Sutherland Shire

Services included were: New Travertine coping and riser tile New mosaic Ezarri waterline tiles Pool preparation of existing marble sheen interior Slurry coat. – Beadcrete glass interior Spa electrics pool light Here is a pool renovation from start to finish of a concrete pool in Bangor, South Sydney, the Sutherland Shire. Watch our video to … Read more