Interior Colours

Improvement Pools renovates pools with only the most quality products available. Interior examples are Sky Pebble, Beadcrete and fully tiled with Ezarri tiles. Our surrounds we use natural stone such as Travertine, Limestone, Granite and much more. 

New light blue pool interior, old brown pebblecrete surrounding, aluminium fence, backyard swimming pool.
Sky pebble with aqua blue glass.
Tropical backyard pool, palm trees with light blue pool interior, beadcrete sedona, Travertine coping and paving.
Beadcrete colour “Sedona”
Pool, coping and deck. Glass interior, hamilton colour, bluestone coping, deck around designer pool.
Beadcrete colour "Hamilton"
Blue pool water, return line pushing pool water to skimmer box, glass pool interior, beadcrete hayman, custom travertine coping tiles.
Beadcrete colour “Hayman”
Beautiful dark blue backyard swimming pool, new pool finished with capri beadcrete interior, dark blue mosaic waterline tiles, travertine coping surrounds
Beadcrete colour “Capri”
New modern looking pool, old shape, pool renovation with black mosaics, grey pool interior, beadcrete pool surface giving a dark blue pool water, limestone tiles surrounding the backyard.
Beadcrete colour "Venezia"
Dark blue pool water, Bluestone pool coping with timber deck. Backyard pool.
Colour Ezarri Tiles Iris Cuarzo
Old 70s pool, old pebblecrete coping new dark blue waterline tiles, with new pebblecrete pool interior with dark blue glass.Glass fence and colour bond surrounding.
Sky pebble with dark blue glass bead.
Duplex swimming pool, modern pool, white travertine coping with white pebblecrete glass interior, glass pool fence.
Beadcrete colour “Sedona”
Rectangle swimming pool with a semi circle seat at the end, mid blue pool water, glass pool interior Beadcrete, sandstone pavers with retaining wall.
Beadcrete colour "Hamilton"
Old sandstone surrounds with a new pool renovated pool, limestone pool coping, gloves in the dark waterline tiles and Santorini beadcrete interior.
Beadcrete colour “Santorini“
Big backyard pool, new dark blue pool interior, Beadcrete Capri, old pebblecrete pool coping and a old aluminium pool fence.
Beadcrete colour “Capri”
A backyard swimming pool, dark blue pool water with black designer waterline tiles, modern renovated swimming pool.
Beadcrete colour “Venezia “
Fully tiled swimming pool and spa. Travertine pool coping.
Colour Ezarri Tiles Niebla Blue
Kidney shaped old swimming pool, renovated to a modern travertine coping, white ezarri waterline tiles and white pebblecrete interior. Deck to one sideband garden bushes surrounding.
Sky pebble with clear glass bead.
Backyard swimming pool, sandstone surrounding a light blue glass interior, all white tiles bisazza, garden surrounding, glass pool fence surrounding.
Beadcrete colour “Shell Improvement “
Blue pool water, return line pushing pool water to skimmer box, glass pool interior, beadcrete hayman, custom travertine coping tiles.
Beadcrete colour “Hayman”
Big backyard swimming pool, Mid blue pool water beadcrete santorini, travertine pool coping and tiling, glass pool fence and gardens surrounding.
Beadcrete colour “Santorini“
Small backyard domestic swimming pool, dark blue pool water with dark blue exarri pool tiles, green gardens surrounding.
Beadcrete colour "Capri"
Beadcrete colour “Santorini “