Pool renovation Grays point Beadcrete

Complete Pool Renovation Grays Point.

Heres a complete pool renovation completed in Grays Point, Sydney. This video explains the process of a complete stripping of an old pool (1970’s) and bringing it back to life again without going down the road of putting in a new pool.

First step of this renovation was an engineers report to see if it was possible to bring back to life. Once we confirmed what we had to do, we moved forward on the following steps:

1: Stripping of paint and marble sheen surface.

2: Application of new steel cage into existing pool including cutting out a lip to bond to (trench).

3: Application of shotcrete concrete for new seat and to shallow the pool. Also the installation of a new skimmer box.

4: Huge crack repair on one side of pool. Later the pool was supported on the outside of the pool. Installation of new steel and non shrink high strength concrete.

5: Core drill new pipe and lights into walls.

6: Application of new travertine coping tiles.

7: Application of new waterline mosaic tiles.

9: Slurry coat of inside of pool surface.

10: Waterproof inside of pool surface.

11: Another slurry coat of inside of pool surface.

12: Installation of new pool equipment and lights and heat pump.

13: Application of Desinerite Beadcrete pool interior.

14: Balance pool water for a mineral salt pool.

15: Take a photo and pretend to jump in!

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