Drummy spot, Pool Renovation Miranda.

In this video we explain the dreaded “Drummy spot”. A drummy spot in a pool, basically means de-lamination, its not stuck properly. Alot of the times as we renovate pools, we see a lot of bad workmanship from the company who either built the pool or in this case renovated it (not all of the time!!). A pool renovations most important part is the surface preparation. This is all of the work that you won’t see in the end result, but makes everything bond together. This can be for tiling you pool, but most importantly the interior preparation. With all of the pool chemicals, harsh temperature changes, if your pool isn’t prepped properly you will be renovating again before you know it! This pool interior was originally a Marblesheen interior, then renovated to a Quartzon interior. The problem is when you trowel on a new interior to a smooth surface, it won’t stick. You might not see this for a few years, but you will eventually see it. Calcium marks are usually the first indication, then they can even break from the weight of the water.

The correct way to prepare a smooth surface is to rough up the surface, i usually use a scutch hammer and hammer the entire pool taking out any drummy spots along the way. Then we acid wash clean, and apply a ‘slurry’ coat or scratch coat a few days before application. This is a rough coat which now creates a new seal, and when the pebblecreters wet the walls down the water holds on the surface for longer. If the walls are dry when application is happening, a drummy spot can appear. A great pool renovation is from the inside out!

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