Pool Renovation with new pool lights

New pool lights in a pool renovation.

New pool lights in a pool renovation in the Illawarra, Flinders. These pool lights are Aqua Quip Evo Max lights. They had existing Aqua quip lights that didn’t work, so they were replaced. As you can see in the video the LED lights have different modes to choose from. The disco is a mode in the video to show how it can look and also how bright the lights really are. But normally you would have your lights come on every night on one particular colour. The Blue light looks the best, especially when the pool renovation was a blue Beadcrete. If you can’t put in Aqua quip lights we also recommend Pal Lighting from bellson electrics. We actually core drill in through the pool and run new ones if possible. And Spa electrics make a great conversion light for a pool which has an existing cable from an old light. Sometimes this is the only option, but all lights mentioned have their own functions and disco modes. Most lights come with a remote control option these days, but i recommend turning them on even with a time clock every night, this will give the light more life believe it or not!

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