loftus pool renovation

Pool renovation Loftus, Sutherland Shire

In the photos below you will see a new pool renovation in Loftus within the Sutherland Shire. 

This was a complete strip out of the old 1980’s Marble Sheen finish. This pool had cracks in it that were completely ground up and paired with high strength concrete. We attached a new waterline tile with Ezarri Mosaic Tiles and position them to the top of the pool coping for future use.

The client chose a grey waterline tile for a finished modern look which would still make the pool water look blue.

The pipes were sealed and we completely stripped the whole interior, cut out any rust and applied slurry coat to the pool surface. A new main drain pipe was connected and after the slurry coat dried, Sky Pebble Pebblecrete with added glass beads was installed to give it that glowing finish.

A dark blue, clear and black glass bead with white Pebblecreet & white cement was used. As you can see in the photos, this creates a light baby blue pool colour.

Completed in the Sutherland Shire, Loftus.

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