Pool Renovation new bench seat sutherland shire

Pool renovation: New bench seat to existing concrete pool.

Here is a pool renovation in the sutherland shire, Kirrawee, with a brief explanation of how we add a new bench or seat to an existing swimming pool. Most old backyard swimming pool were made really big and no where to sit. There is a solution if you are willing to spend some money on renovating your swimming pool. The most important is that the new surface bonds to the old surface. This requires demolition, preparation and steel. We epoxy galvanised starter bars into the pool, then tie a cage to the starter bars. On this job i applied a slurry coat which is a seal to the concrete and is rough so the concrete will stick. Then before we pour i apply Epirez 133 as a bonding agent then we shotcrete the concrete on, the same way we would pour a new swimming pool. It can be a costly exercise but could be the difference using the pool and not using it. We apply the same exercise when we cut pools in half, shallow pools and apply new skimmer boxes.

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