Pool Renovation Sutherland shire, Engadine

Heres a brief idea of a pool renovation completed in Engadine, the Sutherland Shire Sydney. To break the job down, we water blasted the paint. Stripped the old tiles and hydrostatic valve. We installed a beautiful Limestone coping, 500mm wide. We cut each tile (400mmx600mm) to suite each side. Every side was a different width so this is a complete custom cut coping on site. Then we installed the mosaic Ezarri mosaic waterline tiles. One of the most important parts of the job is the surface preparation on the old existing marble sheen interior. This is where a lot of people create a shortcuts to save themselves time and money. Improvement pool goes over the whole interior with a skutch hammer to make the surface rough and sound. We take out any existing drummy/hollow areas. If we find and rust coming through, we cut it out epoxy seal and re concrete over. Then we acid wash the interior clean. The same day we apply a slurry coat, which is a secret mixture with strong polymers, special sand and cement, broomed on to create a rough surface and a new seal for the pool. This slurry coat allows the perbblecreters to apply their interior without the stress of the walls and floors sucking too quickly, and allows the new interior to key in and grip/stick. A day or two later we installed the Beadcrete interior, colour Hayman. They pressure expose the glass the same day, and acid washed the following day. We then fill the pool immediately. As soon as its full, we backwash the filter and turn the pool on. Balancing the water with chemicals needed whether its a salt or chlorine pool. After about a week the water will be clear, and we hand over the pool to the customer.

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