Palm tree pool renovation with new tiles and dark blue beadcrete water.

Pool Renovation Sylvania

Improvement pools, pool renovation Sylvania. In this video, see how we began with an old style concrete pool design, and changed it into a modern looking pool ready for summer. This pool had an unusual wide coping at each end, then really narrow on the sides. We cut the wide parts of the coping down to suit the other sides of the pool coping. Also the existing pebblecrete was very thin and drummy/hollow. So we had it removed completely, leaving us with the original surface to work on. We cut down a 400mm x 600mm x 30mm Limestone paver, to suit the pool coping size of approx 250mm wide. We created a bridge across the skimmer box so it will be stronger and last longer than just tiling a paver over it. Then we rendered for a new waterline tile which was tiled down to the bottom of the skimmer box, spot on level so the water will sit neatly on the level waterline. Then after cleaning the surface, we slurry coat the pool. This gives a complete seal to the pool and also allow the next surface not to suck too quickly which can lead to drummy spots in the future. Then a day of two later the Beadcrete surface was applied. This is a magic colour named “Capri”, and we even added a little extra oxide to the mix on this one just to give it a really deep blue finish. After that it is acid washed and filled straight away adding Cal Stop to the water to prevent any calcium bleeding. We balance the water with chemicals needed for their new Astral pools filtration system, including an PH acid doser to keep the PH down so we don’t have any problems in the future with staining or calcium bleeding. Handing over a pool like this is an absolute pleasure, all we want to do is jump in!

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